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GEOS 5020 - Environmental Field Geochemistry
Dr. Carla Koretsky

About the Professor


Week 1 (September 10)
Introductory Lecture
Lab Safety, Introduction to Instrumentation
Homework 1

Readings for Homework:


Breath of Life: Dissolved Oxygen in Chesapeake Bay
Eutrophic Conditions in Estuarine Waters
Oxygen Depletion in Coastal Waters
The Causes of Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico
Phosphorous Council Advisory Committee

Listen to:






Week 2 (September 17)
Analytical Chemistry Lecture: Lecture & Chem Review
Practice with DDI, balances, pipettors, volumetric flasks, UV/Vis spectrophotometers,
pH meter, Making and measuring a dissolved Fe(II) or Mn(II) calibration curve:
Manganese Protocol
& Iron Protocol

Week 3 (September 24)
Sampling Strategies
Ammonia & alkalinity (UV/Vis)
Homework#3: Development of an Initial Sampling Strategy

Homework Readings:

EPA Surface Water Sampling
Surface Water Sampling Methods and Analysis, Govt of Western Australia
USDA Field Guide for Surface Water Sampling and Data Collection

Week 4 (October 1)
A brief overview of lake stratification
Homework#4: Lake Stratification; Peeper data write-up

Homework Readings:

Koretsky et al. (2006)
Lake Stratification
Understanding Lake Data
Woods Lake Data from Kieser and Associates (KieserAppendixA) (KieserData1)

Week 5 (October 8)
Group Presentations of peeper data (Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks)
Homework#5: Lakes & Hydro Cycle Simple Box Model; Write up of water sampling strategy
Check out online: Dead Zones (http://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/deadzones/index.jsp)

Week 6 (October 15)
Homework#6: Organic Carbon in Lakes; Write up of initial sampling strategy and results

Week 7 (October 22)
Dissolved Oxygen in Lakes
Homework#7: Dissolved Oxygen in Lakes; Write up of sampling strategy and results

Week 8 (October 29)
Phosphorous Dynamics
Homework#8: Phosphorous Dynamics in Lakes

Nutrient Trends
Agricultural Phosphorous

(October 30)
Ion Chromatography Data
Loss on Ignition References: Craft 1991; Heiri

Week 9 (November 5)
Homework#9: Inorganic carbon in lakes

Week 10 (November 12)
Nitrogen Dynamics

Homework#10: Nitrogen dynamics in lakes; Finalize initial reports and presentations

Week 11 (November 19)
Homework#11: Eutrophication Remediation/Prevention Strategies; Begin work on Presentations


Schindler (2006) Recent Advances in the Understanding and Management of Eutrophication

Nordin (1982) A Review of Lake Aeration as a Technique for Water Quality Improvement

Schindler et al. (2008) Eutrophication of Lakes Cannot be Controlled by Reducing Nitrogen Input

Smith and Schindler (2009) Eutrophication Science: Where do we go from here?

Lakes in the Netherlands: Their Origin, Eutrophication and Restoration

Group C Data:
15OctGroupCData.xlsx (pdf)

5NovGroupCAmmonium.xlsx (pdf)

22OctGroupCData.xlsx (pdf)

19NovemberGroupC.ppt (pdf)

22OctGroupCWaterData.docx (pdf)

November 21 Data:
21NovemberData.xls (pdf)

Class Data:




Additional Publications:

Likens 2009

Benbow 2004

Rosenberry 2009

Novotny 2008

Judd 2005

Kaushal 2005






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